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Brush Daily
Preventive Dentistry .... Cleanings
A vital part of our work is to educate our patients. A well informed patient will be able to take an active role in their treatment and together we can accomplish a great smile! The absolute best way to preserve your dental health is to maintain a sensible oral hygiene regimen. In addition to daily flossing and brushing, this includes regular dental examinations, professional cleanings and x-rays when necessary.

A complete oral exam can help ensure you keep your smile bright and healthy. Keeping your oral health a priority will help reduce money spent on dental treatment later. Call today to visit with Dr. Walker, our personal service and experience will make your dental visit a pleasure.

Cavities are caused by a bacterial infection known as "caries". This infection is not only treatable, but preventable. Ask us about the amazing CariFree® Products.

Restorative Dentistry
A variety of restorative and preventive dental services are offered, each designed to optimize your dental health. We want to make sure your smile lasts for many years to come.

PerioLase® Dental Laser - Soft Tissue Treatment

LANAP™ (Laser Assisted New Attachment Procedure) is a patented treatment used with a PerioLase® dental laser system for the treatment of periodontal (gum) disease. It’s the only FDA approved laser treatment for gum disease and the treatment is done without any cut-n-sew surgery with impressive results!  A tiny laser fiber (approximately the thickness of three human hairs), is inserted between the tooth and the gum and painlessly removes the infection causing bacteria.

The laser also has the ability to kill bacteria in periodontal pockets and rid those pockets of infected tissue which arrests the progression of periodontal disease. As a surgical instrument, the laser's incisions are accurate and bloodless. The virtual elimination of bleeding during a surgical procedure gives the dentist a clear view of the area and reduces the risk of infection. This also speeds up the recovery time for the patient.

The dental laser is:
• safer and more sterile
• essentially painless
• less invasive
• more efficient and faster
• bloodless and less painful post-operatively

What a great way to ensure healthier gums and teeth for life!  If you’re concerned about your gums, or even if you’ve been told that you need conventional gum surgery, this laser therapy might be the right alternative for you!


An implant is an excellent way to replace a missing tooth and keep a natural looking smile. A dental implant is a small titanium cylinder that is inserted to replace a missing root, allowing an implant crown to be placed. After a tooth is lost, a dental implant can prevent a chain reaction of problems that would affect the entire mouth. Dental implants are a conservative approach to restoring your smile and do not require treatment on the adjacent teeth, as some other tooth replacement procedures do. Equally important, an implant will stop the ongoing appearance of aging in the face that bone loss causes with lost teeth.

Before Implant   After Implant
Implants may help with:

• Replacing single or multiple missing teeth
• Replacing an outdated bridge
• Stabilizing or eliminating a full or partial removable denture

Cosmetic Dentistry
Beautiful Smile
On your first visit to Dr. Walker's practice, you will feel the difference. Our office offers the latest in technology and modern dental services to enhance the quality of life. Cosmetic dental procedures enhance a smile's appearance by allowing a tooth to be restored to its natural looking beauty. Cosmetic dentistry can create a youthful smile and correct:

discolored teeth
small or short teeth
rotated or crowded teeth
misaligned or crooked teeth
missing teeth or spaces between teeth


Relaxing with Dental Sedation
Dental sedation can be used when a patient suffers from dental anxiety or dental phobia. Depending on the extent of the anxiety or phobia, varying degrees of dental sedation can be utilized, including conscious sedation with sedatives or inhalation nitrous oxide sedation. These sedation techniques enable patients, who might otherwise avoid the dentist, to receive dental treatment necessary for a healthy smile.

Dr. Walker offers both nitrous oxide and oral sedation as a way of treating his anxious patients more comfortably. Sedation allows more dentistry to be completed in single visit instead of requiring the patient to return again and again. Sedation dentistry may be the answer for you – call Dr. Walker for your free consultation.